Have you ever wanted your favorite songs automatically played when you turn off your alarm? If it is, this is for you. This step-by-step guide shows you how to play music when the alarm is stopped on your iPhone or iPad using the shortcut app. Once you set it, it starts automatically. Nevertheless, you probably never thought you could do it this way. Now you can try it.

How to play music when the alarm is stopped on iPhone

To listen to your favorite songs when you stop the alarm, you have to use the automation feature in the Shortcuts app that automatically opens the Music app when you stop or snooze the alarm. Before that, you have to ensure whether you already have a playlist or, if not, you have to create a playlist with the songs you wish to listen to. However, if your playlist already exists, follow the steps below.

Here’s how to play music when the alarm is stopped on iPhone or iPad using the shortcut app.

  • Open the Shortcuts app and tap Automation.
  • Then, tap Create Personal Automation. (If you have already set up some automation, tap the plus button (+) first.
  • Tap Alarm.
Create Personal Automation and choose Alarm iPhone
  • Depending on your preference, choose Is Snoozed or Is Stopped. (In this setup, I choose Is Stopped option).
  • Then, select the Wake-Up alarm or tap Existing > select your wake-up alarm > tap Done. (You can set up the alarm anytime if you choose Any option), and tap Next.
Select alarm in Shortcuts automation
  • Tap Play Music under suggested actions or tap Add Action by searching for Play Music. Tap to add it.
  • Then, tap the light blue ‘Music’ word.
Add Play Music action to shortcut
  • Select the playlist, artist, album, or song. (Ex: if you want to play a playlist, tap on the playlist name and then the plus button (+).)
Select playlist and add it to automation
  • Tips: You can tap the tiny arrow option to enable shuffle and repeat.
  • Then, tap Next.
  • Turn off Ask Before Running > Don’t Ask and tap Done.
When my alarm is stopped play music

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That’s it! Now that you have completed the setup, you can check it by stopping your morning alarm or anytime. Once stopped, it will automatically play your favorite songs’ selected playlists. Significantly, you don’t need other actions. And just stop the alarm, and the automation is run automatically.

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