Are you one of the jailbreakers who restores rootFS and switch between different jailbreaks from time to time, just to see what deserves best for you? Of course, this is where the jailbreak tweak backup solution comes in handy. Recently, iOS developer Lightmann introduced a free add-on called IAmLazy, allowing users to back up their jailbreak tweak for the above reason. But the same developer has also launched an alternative backup solution called IAmSpeed, and we can identify some differences between them. So, IAmSpeed helps you how to backup and restore tweaks Online in iOS 14.

The primary difference between IAmLazy and IAmSpeed is that the IAmLazy makes an Offline backup, and it locally stores the actual .deb files on your device. But, IAmSpeed makes an Online backup, and a tweak list is generated and installs those tweaks from the generated list.

Therefore, IAmLazy will be effective when you do not have an internet connection. But, IAmSpeed will special if you have a data connection such as cellular or Wi-Fi. However, both tweaks are meant to reach the same goal, and we can consider them as alternatives for Batchomatic.

Note: You can also use Batchomatic tweak to Backup and restore Cydia tweaks in iOS 14.

How to backup and restore tweaks online?

After launching IAmSpeed, you can create or restore a tweak list. If you have not yet created a backup, you must first create one. But, if you have already made one and intend to restore your tweaks from it, you can use the restore option.

Create a Backup Tweak List - IAmSpeed

Significantly, IAmSpeed allows users to make a standard or unfiltered tweak list backup. A standard backup filters our bootstrap packages, and an unfiltered tweak list backup includes those bootstrap packages. So, the standard option is better if you’re switching jailbreaks.

Restore a Tweak List - IAmSpeed

It is important to note that RootFS restores do not destroy jailbreak tweak list backups. So, you can safely restore rootFS after creating a backup and then jailbreak again. You can then rerun the tool to restore from your Backup. This is why IAmSpeed and IAmLazy are incredibly special.

Another notable feature is that you can use these backups across different devices. But, if a specific tweak is not available in a particular repository and apt can’t find it, the Backup will simply skip that tweak and continue the process. It is important to note that the app should not be close while backing up the tweak list; otherwise, it will interrupt the process.

IAmSpeed Repo and Download

Those interested in trying the new IAmSpeed tweak can download it for free from the BigBoss repository. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices. It is also open-source on the developer’s GitHub page.

Do you intend to use IAmLazy or IAmSpeed to back up your jailbreak tweak list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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