When a new jailbreak tool launches, many jailbreakers are often tempted to try it out. For example, with the release of the new Taurine jailbreak, those who were still using unc0ver switched to it to try out the new Taurine Jailbreak tool. But, the most problematic aspect of switching from one jailbreak to a new jailbreak is that you need to set up your device’s jailbreak repositories and tweaks again. Additionally, you need to reinstall all your jailbreak tweaks to running again, even if you are using the rootFS restore feature or restoring to a fresh one. However, it is no longer a painful process. iOS developer Lightmann has released a new tweak named IAmLazy for you to back up jailbreak tweaks and restore. So, you can save time and reduce frustration.

IamLazy tweak

Specifically, IAmLazy allows you to create a backup of all the jailbreak tweaks you have installed and restore them even after you have switched to another jailbreak using the rootFS restore feature of your jailbreak. Furthermore, it is helpful to note that you can use these backups on devices other than saved.

Note: You can also use Batchomatic tweak to Backup and restore Cydia tweaks in iOS 14.

As noted by the developer, using rootFS restore on your jailbreak will not delete or tamper with IAmLazy’s backup files. Therefore, you can securely and efficiently get all your favourite packages in a short time after a jailbreak transfer.

How to create a backup with IAmLazy?

IAmLazy is very simple to use. After installation, you can create a backup or restore from a recently created backup using the IAmLazy’s settings. So, if you need to create a new backup, tap on the Make Tweak Backup button. Then, a popup appears and asks to confirm that you have enough free storage space to proceed. Then, the backup will start when you tap the “Confirm” button.

IamLazy - Create a Backup

Significantly, the IAmLazy tweak notifies the user how long the backup will take once completed.

IamLazy - Backup Completed

Also, suppose you are about to switch to another jailbreak. In that case, you can reinstall IAmLazy from your new package manager and then tap the Restore From Backup button in the IAmLazy Preferences window to begin the backup restore.

IamLazy - Restore the Backup

IAmLazy will ask if you want to restore your latest backup or a Specific backup. If you select the Specific, you will see a list of recent backups with dates on which you can choose the one you want to restore. After that, the restoration will begin immediately. Finally, IAmLazy will allow you to execute a post-restore command such as UICache, Respring, or UICache & Respring.

IamLazy - Choose a post-restore command

The new IAmLazy add-on is available for free from the BigBoss repository. It supports jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 13 and iOS 14 devices. The IAmLazy add-on is open-source on the developer’s GitHub page.

Are you looking to switch the jailbreak? Do you intend to take advantage of the IAmLazy add-on? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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