Sunset wallpapers are great for your iPhone’s Home Screen and Lock Screen because of their aesthetic, rich colours. These wallpapers span the dark purple and high orange colour spectrum, and the bright screens accentuate the natural beauty of the Apple iPhones. I have included images that are sized large enough for an iPad Pro screen. Therefore, they can also be scaled to an iPhone 12 Pro Max screen. Due to the large canvas size, the image can be moved around before setting up an iPhone, allowing the user to select the focal point of the large image and set only the desired part of the wallpaper. Keep that in mind, and you can download Sunset iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallpapers for your device.

These Sunset wallpapers for iPhone 12 Pro Max collection includes nine (9) wallpapers, and all are available in 2048×2732 pixels resolution. Wallpapers with a sunset view enhance the natural aesthetic of your device’s screen. This collection includes wallpapers that showcase the beauty of nature and the evening beach. 

Sunset Wallpapers for iPhone 12 Pro Max 

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