If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you may have already heard of Sleepizy. It’s a valuable jailbreak tweak that allows you to set a timer to play/pause your music directly from the Control Center. So, if you’re someone who likes to fall asleep while listening to music, you will love the updated version for iOS 14 of Sleepizy tweak named Sleepizy 2 tweak.

This tweak offers unique features that focus only on getting you a good night’s sleep. These include specific actions on the start/end of the timer: enabling the aircraft mode, DND, disable Bluetooth, save battery life, and disabling annoying notifications. Specifically, Sleepizy 2 is designed using stock components that make it look like Apple created it.

In addition, the Sleepizy 2 works well with any app that plays music, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, and video streaming apps like Netflix.

However, Sleepizy worked in anticipation and made it easier for everyone to sleep at night. However, after a long time and very effortful development by its developer – AnthoPak, Sleepizy 2 has taken shape and adds compatibility to iOS versions 14.2-14.5.

Once installed, it adds a specific preferences window to the settings app, where users can customize their liking—the complete list of features like below.

Sleepizy 2 Features

  • Stop music after X hours/minutes
  • Stop music after X tracks
  • Fade out music for X seconds and, then, it will slowly decrease volume for your chosen duration.
  • Let the currently playing song finish before stopping the music 
  • Perform specific actions on timer start: Enable plane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Set custom volume.
  • Perform particular actions on timer end: Enable plane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Disconnect Bluetooth devices, disable Bluetooth, or Kill Now Playing app.
  • Show the remaining time/tracks in Notification Center below Clock
  • Show Sleepizy button in the minimized CC media player
  • Configure defaults values for each mode, like the default number of minutes and default number of songs.
  • Persist timer so that it will be restored even if your phone resprings

Also, Sleepizy 2 allows you to run a shortcut when the timer starts. So, you can do all kinds of tasks via iOS shortcuts. Sleepizy 2 also enables you to start a specific playlist for more elaborate functions like controlling your HomeKit lights/devices.

You would like to download Sleepizy 2 for your jailbroken iPhone. So, go to its official Packix repository for links with other information you may need. You can purchase it for $1.99 from the Packix repository. Specially, you will receive a 50% discount if you already were a previous Sleepizy owner.

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