As you know, minor software issues with jailbroken iPhones or iPads are common, and you can quickly fix them with a respring. But if your device is frozen, restarting is the only way you can get it back to normal. However, in such a case, you will have to re-jailbreak your iPhone or iPad as the jailbreak is lost. This article will show you how to use volume buttons to respring your jailbroken iPhone or iPad without interacting with your screen or re-jailbreak in iOS 14.

There are many respring tweaks in the jailbreak community with their very own ‘Respring’ option for saving changes you made. But, you can not respring through on-screen commands if your iPhone or iPad is frozen. So, Lifeguard is a jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Kurrt that lets you perform this vital task without tapping the display.

This nifty tweak gives jailbreakers the ability to respring your iPhone or iPad using the hardware-based volume buttons. So, it eliminates the need to force restart or re-jailbreak your device. One more thing, Lifeguard lets you access Safe Mode if you need to troubleshoot your device.

How to Install Kurrt Repo in iOS 14

Those interested in trying the Lifeguard tweak can download it for free from Kurrt’s repository. You know that how to install a repo to your Cydia sources. The Lifeguard tweak supports iOS 14 jailbroken devices. 

Kurrt Repo:

How to respring your iPhone with Volume Buttons

Once installed, it adds a dedicated preferences window to the settings app where you can configure the tweak. Then, you can respring your iPhone using its hardware Volume buttons. The default key combination is as follows (See the 1st screenshot below – Press these buttons sequentially.)

Volume Up > Volume Down > Volume Up > Volume Down

Moreover, Lifeguard also allows you to access Safe Mode by toggling the Ring/Silent switch twice with the same Volume button combination for respringing your device.

Ring/Silent > Ring/Silent > Volume Up > Volume Down > Volume Up > Volume Down

How to configure the Lifeguard tweak with a custom key sequence

Sometimes you may need to change the default button combinations. For that, go to settings of the Lifeguard tweak and enter the letters corresponding to your desired pattern in the Respring and Safe Mode text fields. For example, entering UDU (See the 2nd screenshot below) for Respring would mean a Volume Up > Volume Down > Volume Up button sequence. So, you can decide which keys are used for your key pattern. 

Note: As shown in the screenshot below, you can set your own command/pattern with the defined letters by the developer.

Lifeguard tweak settings
Lifeguard Tweak Settings

Primarily, Lifeguard supports both iPhones with Home button models and Face ID models. The tweak works well with all the buttons listed, and you can ignore the Home button key in Face ID iPhone models.

The developer states that the commands/patterns are not case sensitive. Also, you can easily deactivate the respring and safe mode by leaving the corresponding fields blank or entering an undefined letter. Then, make sure to press the ‘Save’ button right after you have customized the settings.

Finally, this article will show you how to use volume buttons to respring your jailbroken iPhone in iOS 14. 

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