When you tap and hold on to a word in a text or paragraph on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to see a dynamic menu that varies depending on the app you are on. There you will see copying, cutting, and pasting options in that menu. In iOS, you may find other superfluous options, such as Lookup and Share.

What if you could remove Lookup and Share options from that menu, which can be seen as such superfluous options? Some users do not like these useless extra options. FoxfortMobile, an iOS developer, has released a free jailbreak tweak called SkinnyMenu, which you can use to remove superfluous options from the Action Menu on iOS 14. 

As the name suggests, tweak simplifies iOS’ native action menu by eliminating unnecessary LookUp and Search options. Users will find less clutter when navigating the Action Menu.

SkinnyMenu makes especially easy to work with in-text editor applications. Because of the number of options presented in an active menu, you need to tap an arrow button to select the desired option. With the removal of unnecessary options, the user’s annoyance is reduced by tapping less on the arrow button.

Once installed, SkinnyMenu adds a specific preference window to the Settings app. Then, users can configure the tweak from there as their desire. 

SkinnyMenu remove Lookup and Share options
SkinnyMenu Tweak Settings

As the first option, it provides a switch to enable or disable the tweak. Additionally, it also offers controls to on or off Lookup and Share options separately.

For those who interest in giving SkinnyMenu a try, SkinnyMenu tweak is available for free from foxfort’s repository. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 12 and 13 devices. But it also worked in iOS 14 and tried in iOS 14.3. If you have not already added foxfort’s repo, you can add it to your list using the following URL: https://foxfort.yourepo.com/.

Do you intend remove Lookup and Share options from the Action Menu? Let us know in the comments section below.

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