Apple’s Spotlight Search is the fastest way to find and open apps from your iOS device. You can also use iPhone Spotlight Search to search within apps and view Siri Suggestions on iPhone or iPad. But some users do not feel happy with the Spotlight search bar. Here is how to remove Spotlight Search in iOS 14 on your iPhone and iPad. 

You will see the Spotlight Search bar when you swipe down on the iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen. According to your choice for Spotlight, you can easily enable or disable Spotlight Search filed when you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad. 

NoHSSearch, a free jailbreak tweak released by DGh0st, an iOS developer, can easily hide spot Spotlight Search in iOS 14. NoHSSearch jailbreak tweak deletes not only the top Spotlight Search but also today’s page from Home Screen.  

Some users do not like Spotlight Search when looking at conversations in communities such as r / jailbreak. They seem to be interested in disabling this Spotlight Search by asking various questions like, Can I remove Spotlight Search in iOS 14 completely? How to fully disable Spotlight Search? How to turn On/Off Spotlight Search? 

Once installed, you will see the preferences window in the Settings app. There you will see a switch to disable Spotlight Search and disable Home Screen Today Page. After making the required changes, you can apply by tapping the Respring Button.

NoHSSearch Tweak Settings
NoHSSearch Tweak Settings

Those who want to try NoHSSearch can download the free tweak from the DGh0st repository through your favorite package manager. NoHSSearch is a fully open source.

If you do not already use the DGh0st repository, you can add it to your Package Manager via the URL:

If you think it’s better to use NoHSSearch jailbreak tweak to remove Spotlight Search, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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