Offloader tweak gives you the ability to offload an app from the 3D touch menu. Releases space very quickly like flies.

With the ever-changing technology, almost everything is updated with modern facilities and features. Simultaneously, developers have been tempting to develop applications accordingly to provide better service to their users. So there is always competition for valuable storage space on your iOS device. SO, deleting apps is one solution, but it might be better to disable your iOS apps instead.

If you don’t always have storage space on your iPhone, some may be freed up by a feature called offloading. So, you will not lose any of your settings.

Deleting an app on iOS removes its icon, application data, and any user-created data. That shouldn’t be a problem if you never intend to use the app again. But if you need it in the future, reinstalling and reinstalling it can be tiring.

Offloading an iOS app from your iPhone or iPad frees up storage space, but its icon and user data remain the same. When you want to use it again, you have to tap its icon and wait for the automatic download to finish. 

If you want to offload an app manually, you can do so by following a few steps in the settings app, but it will take some time. But what if you can offload apps on the Home Screen? Offloader tweak makes it easy for you. iOS developer level3tjg has released the Offloader tweak, and you can download it for free. Furthermore, you can also use the Offloader tweak to save your storage space by offloading unused apps from iOS 14.

offload an app from the 3D touch menu on iPhone

Once installed, it adds an option to Offload an app to the 3D touch menu. It makes apps offload faster and simple. This jailbreak tweak provides 3D touch items to customize the 3D Touch / Haptic touch menu as you want from the settings app. However, the tweak also can stop offloading apps through the anti-offload feature.

We think it’s right to use Offloader as a useful tweak to offload apps from your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Those who want to try Offloader can download the free tweak from level3tjg’s repository through your favorite package manager. 

Offloader Tweak supports and works well in iOS 14. 

If you do not already use the level3tjg repository, you can add it to your Package Manager via the URL:

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