Croutons13 tweak replaces the text in the breadcrumb with an icon of the app you came.

Generally, if you had to switch from one app to another in the iOS operating system, you would have to open the app switcher to go back to what you did in the first app. Apple started with iOS 9 and then introduced the breadcrumb links based on the status bar.

Usually, breadcrumb links appear in the status bar as text with an arrow beside it. After tapping a link, you will most likely see it.

The breadcrumb links that Apple released by default with iOS look like text, and some users like it, but some do not. The breadcrumb links are straightforward to get back to the original app. But some iOS users may not like them because they are aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, iOS developer burrit0z reveals a free jailbreak tweak called Croutons13.

As illustrated in the pre-and post-screenshots below, Croutons13 replaces the traditional breadcrumbs text with the app icon that you came. It will give the previous app back if you tap it.

Croutons13 Preview Before and After

The concept of breadcrumb links is nothing new, showing an icon as a text instead of an app name. Sticktron, an iOS developer launched the idea with iOS 9 or 10. Burrit0z’s new Croutons13 tweak is compatible with the latest iOS and iPadOS 13 and 14 platforms. It is also open-source and you can more about it from the developer’s GitHub page.

After installation, Croutons13 adds a unique preferences window to the Settings app, where users can configure changes to their liking.

Croutons13 Tweak Settings

It gives you a switch to enable or disable Crotons 13. The tweak also provides a slider to change the application icon’s size displayed on the status bar, and you can apply changes by pressing the Respring button at the end.

Croutons13 is more aesthetically pleasing than native text string-based breadcrumb links. Furthermore, using the app icon is very useful because it takes up less space than the app name.

Those who want to try Croutons13 can download the free tweak from the Burrit0z repository through your favorite package manager. 

If you do not already use the Burrit0z’s repository, you can add it to your Package Manager via the URL:

If you think it’s better to use the app icon for breadcrumb links than to use the status bar name, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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