Have you bought a home pod, or looking forward to buying? If so, you may want to know how to reset factory settings. You may even need it when you have to troubleshoot a Homepod. Without a reset button or power switch, it is not clear how to factory reset the Homepod and Homepod Mini. The HomePod and HomePod mini are incredibly easy to set up. The Homepod reset process is different from restarting a Homepod, which protects data and settings. 

Keeping in mind that resetting the Homepod will restore the device to its newly purchased condition or its new-in-box condition and remove everything. You can reset the Homepod / Homepod Mini using the iPhone or using a smart speaker. 

Apple’s support site has highlighted the cases when you should reset your HomePod or HomePod mini:

  • HomePod does not respond after a restart
  • You need to reset HomePod its default settings
  • When the HomePod needs to be serviced
  • When you want to sell or give away your Homepod

There are two ways to reset HomePod or HomePod mini completely. You can follow these steps to factory reset the HomePod / Homepod Mini:

Reset HomePod or HomePod mini

  1. Disconnect the Homepod from the power
  2. Wait at least five seconds and then re-connect
  3. After another five seconds, press and hold the top of the Homepod.
  4. Siri turns red and warns that resetting is imminent.
  5. Continue holding until the Homepod beeps three times.
  6. Then, the HomePod will be factory reset.

Reset HomePod / HomePod mini with iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  2. Make sure your iPhone is in Bluetooth range on your Homepod
  3. Tap and hold or select the Homepod to reset
  4. Choose Settings
  5. Scroll down and select Remove Accessory
  6. Click Done.

After the reset, HomePod will take several minutes to restart and erase all settings and data from the Homepod. Now, you can configure it as a new device.

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