Apple has come up with advanced operating system animations for iPhones and iPads. They are smooth, but at some point, you will notice that they have slowed down. Therefore, you can customize the Apple iOS animation speed if you have jailbroken your device. Fortunately, iOS developer mostafa89’s newly released Jailbreak tweak called FastUp may be helpful.

As Tweek’s name insinuates, FastUp allows jailbreakers to customize the speed of their iOS’ animation. After installation, the tweak adds a unique preference window to the Settings app, where users can adjust the animation speed with high precision via the sliders.

Options as follows,

  • Toggle FastUp ability to make animations faster on or off
  • Speed up app-only animations and SpringBoard-only animations
  • Speed up notifications and banner animations
  • Toggle FastUp ability to make animations slower on or off
  • Slow down app-only animations and SpringBoard-only animations 
  • Slow down notification and banner animations
  • Turn on or off the stock Fly In animation when returning to the Home Screen

It provides a button at the top right of the preferences window that allows you to save the changes.

If you need to change the speed of your device’s native animations, FastUp is a good tweak. However, the FastUp tweak does not replace existing animations with new ones. It’s just to change the animation speed.

FastUp tweak repo & Download

So, those who want to try the tweak can buy it for $1.29 from the Packix repository through their favorite Package Manager. This tweak also supports Jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 11, 12, 13, and 14 devices.

Lastly, FastUp can be considered a simple modification to help you control the animations on your device with a simple slider that speeds up slower devices than ever before.

Especially, do you intend to change the animation speed of your iPhone or iPad with the new FastUp tweak? Or, are you already using it? Be sure to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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