With the advent of the 21st century, the industrial world has grown exponentially and rapidly. No matter how developed it is, it has caused the gradual destruction of the planet on which we live. Electronic waste is disposed mainly of on the Earth’s surface, in the water sphere, and everywhere. One of the reasons for this is the mass production of electronic devices, accessories, and more. In this post, you can download Apple Earth Day 2021 Wallpapers for iPhone or iPad.

As a solution to this, Apple had decided not to release a charger with the iPhone 12 released last year. They say the decision was made because Apple customers currently around the world already have Apple chargers. On the one hand, it is fair to say that the decision was a good one. We can consider it as a primary effort with Apple to protect our planet.

We see that Apple has taken it one step further. That is, under the theme ‘Apple has a plan,’ they plan to produce carbon-neutral devices for every Apple product you love by 2030. You can know more details by visiting Apple’s official website.

‘Apple has a plan’ with the theme, and I designed some Apple Earth Day 2021 Wallpapers for iPhone or iPad devices. They are also available in Light and dark mode. 

Note: All the images below are the preview of the Wallpapers. So, click on those images to view and download the original wallpaper.

Download Apple Earth Day 2021 Wallpapers for iPhone

These Apple Earth Day 2021 iPhone Wallpapers are available in 1404×3040 pixels resolution.  

For iPad Pro

These Apple Earth Day 2021 iPad Pro Wallpapers are available in 2732×2732 pixels resolution.  

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