Last week, Apple introduced a new watch face Apple Watch called “Unity” to celebrate Black History Month. The watch face is painted in colors similar to the Pan-African flag. Those wallpapers change with your movement. Apple has updated Apple’s official webpage with the official Apple Unity Wallpapers for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

To download these new wallpapers, go to’s main clock page and click “Find More Info.” Then, you can scroll down and select the desired wallpaper size for your device. However, you can download separate wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in their respective resolutions and screen sizes.

These wallpapers are impressive and match the new Unity interface and the new Black Unity watch strap.

Below are all three wallpapers in the gallery. As you would expect, Apple has released all three wallpapers with the perfect resolution for each of its devices. So, macOS wallpaper is extremely wide and has a resolution of 4003×1848. Further, they have optimized it for a 16″ MacBook Pro. The iPad wallpaper has a resolution of 8000×8000, and it is a square shape. However, the iPhone wallpaper is optimized for iPhones with modern screens but works well on other iPhones. It has a portrait orientation wallpaper and a resolution of 1847×4000.

Moreover, you can visit to download more beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any smartphone with their respective resolutions and screen sizes.

To download Apple Unity wallpapers from below, use the link under the image and save it to your photo library. Then finally, apply the wallpaper from the Photos app for your iPhone or iPad.

For Mac, you can save the images by clicking link under the each image and then apply it as your desktop wallpaper.

Apple Unity Wallpapers For iPhone

Download Apple Unity Wallpaper For iPhone

Apple Unity Wallpapers For iPad

Get Apple Unity Wallpaper for iPad

Apple Unity Wallpapers For Mac

Download Apple Unity Wallpaper for Mac

You can Download Apple Unity Wallpapers, and let us know what you think of these Official Apple Unity Wallpapers in the comments below!

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