As you know, Music Visualization is animated imagery based on a piece of Music usually generated and rendered in real-time and synchronized with the Music as it is played. So, what if an audio visualizer appears in the status bar of your iPhone while listening to a song you like? iOS developer xyaman has created and released a free jailbreak tweak named Visualyzer. It is a simple status bar audio visualizer for iOS 14 that displays a Music Visualizer on the Status Bar while listening to the Music.

This is a feature that iPhone users have been waiting for for a long time for their iPhone.

Visualyzer Tweak For iOS 14

This iOS 14 tweak works well with all music players such as native iOS’ music player, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Once installed, Visualyzer adds a dedicated preferences window to the settings app, and you can configure it as your liking.

 Visualyzer Options

  • Turn on/off Visualyzer on demand
  • Change the Visualyzer position between Time and Signal
  • Set the number of points of the visualizer
  • Adjust the Width, Spacing, Radius, and Sensitivity of the visualizer
  • Adjust the Updates per second via a slider
  • Respring button to save the changes you made
Visualyzer Settings in iOS 14

Those engaging in trying the Visualyzer tweak can download it for free from xyaman’s repository via your favourite package manager. The tweak is also open-source on the developer’s Github page. It supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Significantly, the developer states that if tweak it’s not working, restart mediaserverd in Visualyzer preferences. Moreover, Visualyzer depends on AudioSnapshotServer. So, you can download it from the Packix repository.

If you haven’t added xyaman’s repository to your package manager, you can add it using the following URL.

So, do you need to show the audio visualizer on the status bar of your iPhone when you listen to a song? If so, leave your comment in the comments section below.

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