One of the things Apple removed with the iOS updates was the icon shadows on the home screen. Then the icons in iOS were utterly flattened, and what if you could get the Home Screen app icon shadow for iOS 14 again. Enabling shadow is especially important if you are using a theme with app icons. If you want to enable app icon shadows for your home screen, you can use IconShadow, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Mario Cheung.

You can see that the icon shadow tweak adds subtle background shadows to the icons on your home screen. You can see in the screenshots above (left) and after (right).

These shadows are so subtle and bring a subtle 3D look to your icons. However, on dark wallpapers, icon shadows seem to look better than bright wallpapers.

There are no options to configure IconShadow because it is a simple tweak for a single purpose. After installation, the icon shadows will appear, and you can uninstall them if you do not like them.

Those who like to try IconShadow tweak can download it for free from Mario Cheung’s repository. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

If you haven’t already used Mario Cheung’s repository, you can add it to your Package Manager apps like Cydia or Sileo using the following URL.

Do you intend to bring icon shadows to the home screen of your device? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

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