June has arrived. It’s remarkable for Apple users because the WWDC 2021 event will be held on the 7th by Apple. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to the top ten must-have apps on your iPhone in June 2021. You can start June 2021 by downloading these fantastic iPhone apps on your device. Also, you can download all these apps for free, and it is beneficial. 

10 MUST have iPhone Apps in June 2021

  1. Capsule
  2. Speed Dial Widgets
  3. Video Next
  4. Fast Paste Keyboard
  5. Word Converter
  6. Covve Export
  7. Countdown
  8. TransCurrency
  9. Lanse
  10. URL X-ray


Capsule For iPhone

Capsule app allows you to protect any videos, photos, or files you want with the Face ID or a passcode on your iPhone. It is fantastic, and it works well. Once you go into the app, you will see the Blue Color Plus (+) icon at the bottom left corner that helps you add your files. When you tap it, you will find five icons on it to take a picture, load a photo or a video from your camera roll, load any of your files, scan a document or paste anything that you have on the clipboard of your device. At the top of the app, you can also see a search bar to search for anything. 

Next to the (+) icon, you will see another Green colour icon, which helps you add tags. By tapping it, you can create tags to find your files easily.

By going to the very top of the app, you will see different details, and you can sort them in different ways. Furthermore, tapping the settings icon allows you to choose all the options you need like you have the attempt limit for face id and passcode, and you can reset your passcode from there. So, this app is handy if you’re trying to hide any photos or videos or any of your files and protect them with Face ID or passcode, which of course, you cannot do with the default photos app.

Capsule: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/capsule-private-storage/id1558429748

Speed Dial Widgets

Speed Dial Widgets App

Speed Dial is a widgets app for the iPhone that allows you to quickly contact someone directly from the home screen using the new home screen widgets of ios 14. Once opened, you can add any one of your contacts, and you will have the ability to have different actions that you can perform with one click. After you add a contact as a widget, tap on it. Then, it will make a call. But you can switch this if you just 3d touch on the widget and tap on the edit widget. Then, you can see the options to change the widget size, colour of the widget, choose the contact, choose the email or the phone number, and the Action. When you select the Action, decide what you want to do. 

Among the actions, call by Phone, call with facetime, call with facetime audio, send an iMessage, Whatsapp or Telegram message. From the home screen, you can have multiple widgets with the same contact but different actions and, of course, with other contacts.

Speed Dail: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/speed-dial-widgets/id1550574694 

Video Next

Video Next App

The next app is called Video Next. It is pretty cool and allows you to add a progress bar to your videos before sharing them on your social media. Once installed, you can choose a frame for the video based on where you want to share or go with no frame. By tapping the Next button, you will see different progress bars that you can add.

You will have different progress bars that you can add, and it is nice when you share this on your social media. It looks cool. Furthermore, you can also change the colour, and it will have many different colours to choose from. It lets you select the thickness of the progress bar via a slider, and you can apply it to your video tap the save button.

Video Next: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/videonext-progress-bar-editor/id1489583622 

Fast Paste Keyboard

Fast Paste app

Fast Paste is helpful, and it allows you to easily and quickly enter any phrase or an email or a phone number, anything that you frequently use on your iPhone. If you want to type the email, you switch to the keyboard, and you will see the email and click on it. You don’t have to type it anytime you need it. If you also need to add emoji, click on the emoji symbol. There, you can see all kinds of different faces.

From the app, you will see all the different phrases that you already have added. When you tap the Plus button (+), you are allowed to enter any phrase. Then once you have saved it, it will appear on your keyboard.

Fast Paste: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fast-paste-keyboard/id1570027673

Word Converter

Word Cnverter App

Word Converter is a handy app. If you use Word from Microsoft, you will need this app. It allows converting from Word to any file formats such as Pdf, Txt, Docx, Doc, HTML, XPS, Jpg, Png, etc. or if you have another document, another type of file, and then, you want to convert it to the Word you can do that as well. You can see all the supported file formats at the bottom of the app. 

For example, if you want to convert a file from Word, select a file that you wish to convert on your files app and choose which type of file you want to convert. If you convert it to pdf, wait for a few seconds. So, you can easily convert any of these types of files.

Additionally, once you tap share, you will have the option to save it to your files or share it anywhere you want.

Word Converter: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/word-converter-docx-to-pdf/id1567034908 

Covve Export

Covve export allows you to easily export all of your contacts that you have on your iPhone. Once you opened the app, you can tap the export contacts button if you have allowed the app to access your contacts. Then, you will have a text document with everything you have on your contacts list, including all the names and contacts details. After that, you can copy the file or quickly save it to the files app of your iPhone.

Covve Export: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/export-contacts-by-covve/id1532203461 


WWDC 2021 is coming quick, and we are very excited about that. So, here we have a countdown for that, and there is an app called countdown, which allows us to have beautiful widgets on your device’s home screen. Primarily, you can create different countdowns, which are unique. You can tap the Plus button (+) at the top, and then it also allows you to choose one of your pictures and set the title. Further, you can also select one of your calendar events to create a countdown for that event.

By going to the app’s home screen, the countdown can be edited using 3D touch once you have created one of your countdowns. 

You can see all the cool widgets in the widgets panel that this app has to offer all the kind of styles for different countdowns. Then, you can add them to your home screen, and you can see how cool they look. However, the big widgets of the app look awesome. Significantly, there is a dual widget, and you can have two different countdowns in one widget. Furthermore, there are four widgets in one widget, and you can have up to four different countdowns at the same time on your home screen. 

Countdown: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/action-countdowns/id1457799658 


TransCurrency App

The TransCurrency app allows converting any currency that you want quickly. So, all you have to do is from the list, tap on any of the currencies that you want to convert. Next, you can type a value, and it instantly shows you the results on all of these different currencies. By tapping the settings of the app, tap on the currency panel. Then, you will see your used ones. 

Mainly, it lets you add or remove any currency that you want or don’t want to have any time. However, TransCurrency will be very useful, especially if you’re travelling abroad. Significantly, the app is straightforward to use.

TransCurrency: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/transcurrency/id1568860415 


Lanse App

The lanse app allows saving any colour that you want directly from the lens of your camera. So, once your camera is pointed somewhere at colour, you can see it will detect that colour, and you will save that. 

Lanse: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lanse-capture-save-color/id1080129732

URL X-ray

URL X-Ray App

URL X-ray is very useful. Sometimes on the internet, have you seen URLs that are shortened. But you’re not sure whether to tap it or not. Because you don’t know where that will lead, with this app, all you have to do is take the URL that you want to click, and before clicking it, you can paste it into this app. Then, tap on the x-ray, and it will show you the full URL. Then, you know precisely where that URL will take you. So, that’s awesome. You will notice that the app is straightforward and doesn’t have much of an interface. Mainly, there is one space to paste the link and a button to tap. 

 URL X-ray: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/url-x-ray/id1153473674

From this article, I have introduced the top ten MUST have iPhone Apps in June 2021. You can also use those valuable apps and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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