As your children begin to learn to read, they need to learn how to recognize words. We have to use many skills and strategies to do so. If they know common words visually, it will be easier for them to focus on more challenging words. But, they do not need to sound every word to recognize it. Moreover, we can teach our children to sight words throughout the day, but if they do not have the opportunity to practice them, they will never read them. That’s why we have to use these sight words apps.

Now, there are a lot of best sight words apps for iPad and iPhone. You can download them for kids to learn better. Moreover, learning those apps is easy and fun, and entertaining. So, take a look at the following sight words apps to teach your children how to recognize words by a sight that are useful for your children to use.

These days, they prefer the opportunity to use technology. We allow them to practice Sight words by utilizing these best Sight Word apps in 2021. 

Best Free Sight Word Apps in 2021

In this section, we will look at the free sight word apps. I chose these apps because they offer methods for training that I feel are worthwhile. Some have ads. Some have locked features if you do not pay.

1. Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Card‪s

Students might tap words they hear read aloud, and pronounce words they hear read aloud. It contains all 220 sight words on the Dolce list with extra 94 nouns. This app for iPhone or iPad includes six (6) different sight word games such as.

Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Cards
  1. Word Machine
  2. Spelling
  3. Bingo
  4. Memory Game
  5. Gears
  6. FlashCards

Besides, several additional features include selecting single words that should be implemented in each category, uppercase and lowercase, and more. You can see the instructions and get more details of the app from the App Store: Sight Words Learning Games & Reading Flash Card‪s

The Word Machine and Gears games are free. But if you want to access the other games, you have to pay $2.99 to unlock all games. 

2. Sight Words Plus K-‪2

Sight Words Plus K-2 app helps your child read and spell words visually. The Dolch list is an essential part of learning how to read, and the K-2 contains 220 sight words. The app has three different sections for the basic build, review, word recognition, and spelling. Practicing these three principles will allow your child to thrive on their vocabulary and reading skills.

Sight Words Plus K-‪2

You can download Sight Words Plus K-‪2 for free, but it shows some ads. Choosing an airplane mode can help you in these situations.

3. Sight Words & Phonics Readin‪g

Sight Words & Phonics Reading is one of the best apps for learning sight words as it takes your child on a fun journey across a Candy island. The app is full of games for learning phonics, sight words, and letters. 

Sight Words and Phonics Reading

When students tap into the island, the app allows them to do flashcards or a learning adventure. Students can use all flashcards as they please. There are several learning adventure games for free. But some of them are not. 

If you want to access all other games, you have to pay $5.49. You can download Sight Words & Phonics Reading from the App store. 

4. Sight Words 2: 140+ learn to read flashcard‪s

This free sight word app has six (6) different activities for students to choose from. The games are simple but really nice looking and engaging for students. Furthermore, the app is for educate and entertain preschoolers and preschoolers in grades 1 and 2. The app features as follows:

Sight Words 2
  1. 1st and 2nd-grade levels
  2. Professional voiceovers for excellent auditory learning
  3. Five built-in games for playful learning
  4. Hard and easy levels of difficulty for games
  5. All new Word Bingo 
  6. Superb memory building with the memory game

You can go to the App store to access the full version of the SIGHT WORDS 2 and the ad-free version for $4.99.

5. Secret Sight Word‪s

This app is very simple but perfect for practicing both sight words and beginning sounds. 

Secret Sight Word‪s

Students have to select the words they want to practice, and then the pictures and letters appear. Students should match the letter to the opening sound of the picture. Once they spell the word, they can try to read it. The app pushes the letters together and says the word, and then they have to do another one.

You can download Secret Sight Word‪s for free

Try and get all these iPad or iPhone apps and enjoy the progress your children are going to make in their reading skills.

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