Perseus unlocks iPhone with Apple Watch!

We already know that the native Face ID authentication system fails when you wear a mask. Apple has recently given developers an iOS 14.5 beta that will allow users that wear masks to unlock their iPhones with Face ID easily. In such cases, users will have to manually enter their passcode to unlock their device or approve Apple Payments or App Store purchases.

How unfortunate that when governments worldwide have made it mandatory to wear masks to curb the spread of COVID-19, people cannot use the Face ID? So it’s not surprising that this feature comes with iOS 14.5. However, older iOS versions of jailbreakers will be more vulnerable as they do not support iOS 14.5 authentication feature natively.

Perseus is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Udevs similar to the iPhones introduced in the iOS 14.5 beta that supports Face ID authentication.

Perseus will allow your iPhone to unlock if you are wearing a passcode-protected Apple Watch, and you are also wearing a mask. Then, Face ID detects your face with a face mask. 

Perseus works a bit similar to what Apple introduced in the iOS 14.5 beta. The primary difference is that iOS 14.5 Beta scans partial Face ID on visual parts of your face while wearing a mask. Apple Watch is also conducting a connection test. However, Perseus Face ID will be bypassed entirely and used as your Apple Watch authentication key. One might think that it is slightly less secure than Apple’s native implementation on iOS 14.5 Beta. But, if you care about your devices, it is not a problem.

Perseus adds a particular preferences window to the Settings app. Then, users can configure options for their requirements. 

  1. Switch to unlock with Apple Watch
  2. Option to set up the RSSI threshold
  3. Automatically lock the iPhone when you have not authenticated with the Apple Watch

Finally, Perseus lets Jailbreakers wear masks, an easy way to unlock their devices without updating the latest iOS 14.5. 

You can download Perseus jailbreak tweak for free from Udevs’ repository via their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices. Perseus tweak is also open source!

Repo Link:

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