During WWDC21 on June 7, Apple announced updates to all hardware system software, and Apple also gave MacOS Monterey a screen time at the event. There they introduced some new features to macOS. But it took more than a decade for the name to change from the previous version, OS X, to macOS 11. But it’s still a question of why it changed quickly from macOS 11 to macOS 12 (from macOS Big Sur to macOS Monterey). You may remember, we gave macOS Monterey Official Wallpapers to our fans in a previous article. But, today, we have several creative macOS Monterey Alternate Wallpapers for all devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

macOS Monterey Alternate Wallpapers

You already know that Apple’s new Monterey wallpapers look great but come with one colour option. So, I wanted to make another couple, and I hope you all appreciate them. The images below are massive 6016 x 6016 images and fit perfectly with any screen you have, including 6K monitors. They give a new look to the latest 4.5K 24″ iMac 2021. Also, they are available in light and dark modes.

There are three color variants: blue, purple, and Red, including a dark and light version.

macOS Monterey wallpaper purple 600x600

Download macOS Monterey wallpaper Light Purple

macOS Monterey wallpaper Dark Purple

macOS Monterey wallpaper blue 600x600

Download macOS Monterey wallpaper Light Blue

macOS Monterey wallpaper Dark Blue

macOS Monterey wallpaper red 600x600

Download macOS Monterey wallpaper Light Red

macOS Monterey wallpaper Dark Red

Apart from the above wallpapers, I was able to create an additional variant.

macOS Monterey wallpaper 600x600

Download macOS Monterey Wallpaper

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macOS Monterey official wallpapers

macOS Monterey Official Wallpapers

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You can also download all these macOS Monterey Modified Wallpapers from the Google Drive link below.

Additionally, You can also download more wallpapers in our Stock Wallpapers section and the iPhoneipapers.com. If you have any queries, you can put them in the comments box and share this article with your friends.

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