Notes are simply a brief record of points or ideas written in support of your memory. Also, taking notes is a great way to make sure you don’t forget something later. Apple has added a native notes app to its iOS operating system because of the usefulness of the keeping notes above. It’s a useful tool for taking notes, and accessing the native notes app can be a hassle. Libellum is a newly released free Jailbreak tweak by iOS developer LacertosusDeus. It easily lets you write notes on your Lock Screen without any delay. Also, the Libellum tweak acts as a note-taking widget on the Lock Screen.

As you may remember, in a previous article, we presented you with a Notations tweak, a tweak that can take notes on your Lock screen like Libellum.

How useful would it be if you could record something without unlocking your iPhone before you forget something at a hectic time?

Libellum Tweak Preview

Another thing is that Libellum is an excellent tool to get rid of the annoyances you face when you have to deal with the incompatibility between Face ID and your anti-COVID-19 mask.

After installation, the widget will appear on the Lock Screen. Activating the keyboard allows users to start typing notes immediately without delay by tapping anywhere inside the widget.

Additions to the Libellum adds a different preferences window to the Settings app, and you can configure it thoroughly. 

Libellum Tweak Settings

Tweak main options 

  • Selecting widget size as a tiny, compact, medium, or large
  • Selecting modes between light, dark, colorized, or adaptive
  • Adjusting the notes widget’s corner radius using a slider
  • Changing the interface color
  • Configuring general options
  • Requiring authentication to access the notes when you need
  • Enabling note backups when you need
  • Enabling or disabling note visibility gestures

The Color Options and General Options

The color options and general options let you further configure Libellum tweak.

Libellum Tweak Color and General Settings


  • Use the Kalm tint color 
  • Choose a custom font color
  • Choose a custom lock icon color
  • Select a custom tint color
  • Set a custom border-color
  • Change the border width using a slider


  • Change the position of the note widget above or below the Media Controls
  • Adjust the text alignment as Center, left, or right
  • Enable left-handed mode
  • Hide or show page management
  • Hide or show the undo or redo
  • Turn on or off endless lines
  • Hiding the Old Notification text
  • Hiding the Quick Actions buttons on Lock Screen
  • Turn of or off the ‘Block AutoUnlockX’ option

Users who want to try Libelem can download it for free from the Charis repository via their favorite Package Manager. This modification supports iOS 12 to 14 devices. Furthermore, this tweak is open source!

Let us know your idea in the comments section below if you are experimenting with the New Libellum tweak.

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