There is something that almost every jailbreaker wants to do once they are free from Apple’s restrictions. That is, giving new customization to the iOS user interface. This means you can customize the iOS operating system on jailbroken devices with your favorite color scheme or change the color of minor components of the user interface that you do not like. One of the things that most people are tempted to customize is the iPhone keyboard. So, if you want to give the keyboard a new choice, iOS developer Mostafa has released a jailbreak keyboard tweak called KBColor that offers you enough customization to change the colour of the keyboard.

After you install KBColor, it has many different options for changing the colour of your iPhone’s keyboard interface, the scroll bar, icon labels, and notification badges. Below, you’ll see a few examples of colourization at work.

KBColor tweak also adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app where users can configure the tweak as their liking.

KBColor Options

  • Enabling and selecting a keyboard color (full keyboard color or soft keyboard color)
  • Enabling and selecting the badge color, scroll bar color, and the icon label color
KBColor Tweak Settings
KBColor Tweak Settings

Moreover, the tweak offers an Apply button at the bottom of the tweak settings, and you can use it to save the changes you made.

KBColor tweak Repo and Download

Those interested in trying the KBColor tweak is available from the Twickd repository for $0.99. It also works with jailbroken iOS 13 devices.

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