Jailbreakers will be able to enjoy the latest fun as well as valuable tweaks and customizations to their liking by jailbreaking devices. Long ago, you may remember a gravity tweak that allowed iPhone users to add a fun gravitational effect to their Home Screen. Gravitation Tweak iOS 14, the latest update tweak, brings a fun gravitational effect to the Home Screen icons, allowing them to move freely on the screen and move around as the device physically moves. Motion sensors aid these application icons in the device that seem actually to affect the Earth’s gravity. So, Gravitation Tweak is one of the best gravity tweak alternatives.

Without the help of Activator Tweak, all you have to do is only shake your iPhone to activate Gravitation so that someone can drop all their Home Screen icons on the screen. It would be best if you also shook the iPhone again to deactivate the tweak. The Gravitation tweak iOS 14 is triggered using a shake gesture. 

Gravitation tweak

As in the screenshot example above, you can see how all the icons fall when we hold our device at a slight angle to our hand.

iOS developer Kritanta has released this Gravitation jailbreak tweak for free. Moreover, the tweak is open-source and works well with iOS 14.

Once installed, the tweak puts a new preference pane in the Settings app. So, it allows you to configure a few options. 

Gravitation tweak Options

Gravitation tweak Settings

You can,

  • Enable or disable Gravitation tweak
  • Enable or disable ‘Finger Gravity.’

According to the developer, ‘Finger Gravity’ prevents pages from scrolling as long as the app icons on the Home Screen are not removed from their original locations.

Those who want to try Gravitation tweak iOS 14 can download it for free from krit’s repository.

Do you set up gravity to impress and surprise your friends with your new-look Jailbreak? Below are your comments.

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