Even after introducing the App Library in iOS 14, some users still use folders to organize app icons on the home screen, even in the post App Library world. Therefore, iOS developer Sirius24 has released a new jailbreak tweak called FolderPlus, which allows users to offer a significant number of folder-centric customizations.

As you can see in the screenshot examples below, FolderPlus can make various customizations, including borders, colors, icon styles, gradients, layouts, sizes, and more. FolderPlus adds a new preference pane in the Settings app where users can perform different personalization on their Home Screen folders.

FolderPlus Tweak iOS 14 Settings
  • Enable or disable FolderPlus on demand
  • Enable custom folder colors
    • Choosing a custom folder color, custom folder icon color, and custom App Library color
  • Enable custom folder gradients
    • Choosing a first gradient color, and second gradient color
  • Enable custom folder borders
    • Selecting a custom folder border-color
    • Adjust the border width via a slider
  • Enabling custom folder sizes
    • Select between Large, Medium, New, or Original
  • Enabling and configuring a custom folder icon layout
    • Changing the number of rows, and the number of columns via a slider
  • Aligning the folder title like Left, Right, or Center
  • Choose a custom folder title color
  • Changing the folder title size
  • Turn on Off a bold folder title
  • Turn on Off tap to close the folder
  • Adjust the corner radius of open folders
  • Hide the folder icon background
  • Hide the folder icon mini-grid

As you can see, FolderPlus provides the maximum folder customization experience and customizes every aspect of the folder.

Download FolderPlus Tweak for iOS 14

Those interested in giving FolderPlus a try, then you can purchase it for $0.99 from the Twickd repository via your favorite package manager app. The tweak also supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.

Do you intend to do something special with your Home Screen folder with the FolderPlus tweak? Be sure to leave your comment in the comment section below.

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