Apple’s iOS 14 has been a significant conspicuous change among iOS users. Since the release of iOS 14, some third-party developers have developed many apps that customize different home screen widgets, including some multiple customization options. Flex Widgets App for iOS 14 from developer Yanik Schrade, a new app that lets you create widgets for their iPhone or iPad’s home screen. Using this app, you can create, build, and edit your widgets exactly the way you want.

This widget editor features customization options that no other widget editing apps in the market offer.

Flex Widgets is a cool widget creator app. Once when you open it, there are options to create small, medium, and large size widgets. However, the app’s best feature is the Flex Widget editor that lets users drag the elements anywhere they want. 

In addition to locating the elements as you wish and you can redesign all the elements. Several elements are available to add to your widgets, including icons, text, emojis, shapes, images, clock, drawings, health data, weather, and calendar. Another best feature of Flex Widgets is the availability of customizable elements, which makes each widget unique. Furthermore, there is no limit to adding elements to a widget. 

Flex Widgets App For iOS 14

The widget editor also lets you edit those to personalize your widget a few more. Most elements have options to change colors, font, alignment, thickness, style, and several other properties. You can customize the background with a solid color, gradient, images, or even a slideshow. Flex Widgets also lets you save it as a new theme that you can use for your future projects. You can share your widgets with other Flex Widget users, and it will show up in the Inspiration tab, where users will find pre-created widgets. If you like to personalize your Home Screen, you can check out the app. 

Flex Widgets App for iOS 14 is available on the App Store for $1.99, and the app has no ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions. However, The app is compatible with iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or later. 

Download Flex Widgets from the App Store ($1.99)

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