You need to swipe the pages one by one to move between the pages of your iOS 14 home screen. When there are several pages, it takes a while to swipe the pages one by one to go to the last page. It is known that switching between pages is not so smooth and does not flow between pages after swiping. It will swipe one page at a time. If you have jailbroken your device, it is no longer so. This article shows you how to disable paging on SpringBoard in iOS 14.

iOS developer titand3v has released a new and cool jailbreak tweak named Flowing that disables the page scrolling on SpringBoard and allows you to scroll like a standard UIScrollView to make it smoother scrolling through the pages in iOS 14. It’s so smooth that it flows continuously to the last page, passing several pages in one big swipe.

The most exciting feature here is that you can scroll halfway through a page and it’ll stay halfway scrolled on the page.

You will see below how the Flowing tweak works through the video presentation of the developer.

Also, it does not add any options to the settings app to configure the tweak.

Another notable feature is that the Flowing tweak is compatible with Cylinder Reborn for iOS 14. So, with the Cylinder Reborn animation, Flowing creates a beautiful and smoother animation when you move between pages.

Flowing tweak repo

Users interested in Flowing tweak can download for free from titand3v’s repository via your favourite package manager. If you have not already installed the titand3v repo, you can add it using the following URL.

So, by installing Flowing, you can disable paging on SpringBoard in iOS 14. Would you like to try out the new Flowing Jailbreak tweak to make Springboard’s page scrolling smoother? If so, be sure to comment your thoughts in the comments section below.

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