The home screen widgets in iOS, which Apple introduced with the iOS 14, are limited in functionality and capability, such as displaying information and providing quick access to various parts of the app. However, what if you could make a quick call using a widget on your home screen without accessing the iPhone’s call app? The newly released Dialer tweak is an iOS dialer widget by iOS developer AplAddict takes the iPhone’s widget to the next level and adds a full phone app dialer that can be accessed as a widget on the home screen in iOS 14. With it, the Dialer jailbreak tweak lets you make a quick call using the Dialer widget on your home screen without accessing the iPhone’s Call app.

Once installed, the Dialer Widget gives users access to the phone app keyboard on the home screen. In other words, you do not need to open the native phone app when you need to make a call. You have to enter the number on the keyboard and press the dial button on the widget to make an instant phone call from the home screen.

The dialer tweak adds all the essential functions of the native phone app’s Keypad. The Keypad includes access to all numbers, dial buttons, star and hash keys, and much more. Significantly, Dialer supports iOS’s Dark Mode and switches between light and dark themes based on system settings.

Dialer tweak iOS 14 repo / Download

Those interested in trying the Dialer tweak can buy for $0.75 from the Packix repository via your favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 9.0 or later versions, including iOS 14.

Do you have an intention to add a phone keypad widget for the home screen on iPhone? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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