You already know that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform globally. So, users love this and use it frequently for various purposes. Users can create videos on their channel and earn money by maintaining them for long, watching movies and educational videos. Further, users can watch, like/dislike, share and comment videos for free. Most of the time, YouTube shows many pop-up ads while playing videos, which are annoying. Therefore, YouTube Vanced for Android is the best solution to avoid this annoying thing on Android smartphones.

However, if your device has been jailbroken, you can check our post best YouTube Tools Tweak for iOS 14.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the YouTube mobile app popular in the Android community. It offers many features that you will never experience from the official YouTube app, such as built-in adblocking, blocking sponsor ads, background playback without YouTube Premium, black/dark themes, and more.

Can you install YouTube Vanced on iPhone and iPad?

With the YouTube Vanced becoming popular, everyone is wondering about installing it on their iOS devices. So, as we mentioned above, Android users can install the YouTube Vanced app to skip/block ads and sponsored content. Obviously, iOS users would like to download and install the app on their iOS or iPadOS. Let’s see whether you can install YouTube Vanced on iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately, its team has not developed YouTube Vanced for iOS. So, downloading YouTube Vanced for iOS is currently not available. But you can install YouTube Vanced Alternatives for iOS on jailbroken or non-jailbroken devices. This article focuses on discussing the best YouTube Vanced Alternative for iOS for non-jailbroken devices.

Alternative for Youtube Vanced for iOS

Especially, there are some alternatives for iOS that bring similar functionality that can sideload on iPhone and iPad. For that, you can also use AltStore to sideload all apps on iOS.

Here is the best YouTube Vanced alternative iOS.


uYou+ IPA

uYou+ is one of the best and most stable alternatives for YouTube Vanced on iOS. It is very similar to YouTube Vanced. uYou+ (uYouPlus) is also a modified version of uYou tweak by iOS developer MiRO92 with additional features.

Download: uYou+ (Free)

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CercubePlus IPA

Cercube+ is another alternative for YouTube Vanced for iOS. Like uYou+, it provides more valuable features such as blocking all advertisements, enabling background playback, saving videos in high resolution, skipping annoying sponsor ads inside videos, enabling YouTube’s native PiP, and more.

You can download CercubePlus IPA file from the developer’s GitHub page.

Download: Cercube+ (Free)


RebornAgain is also a side loadable app on your iPhone that even un-jailbroken users can install on their iPhones to take advantage of all of the YouTube Reborn features.

Especially, RebornAgain is packed with the tweaks iSponsorBlock, YTUHD, uYou, YTClassicVideoQuality, YTDisableUglySuggestions, YouAreThere, and YouPiP.

RebornAgain Features

  • 4K video streaming
  • UI Color changer
  • Picture-In-Picture Support
  • Download video and audio in up to 4K resolution
  • Background playback
  • Classic video quality styled preferences
  • Block ads or sponsors ads
  • Disable the “Video paused. Still watching?” prompt during longer videos
  • And more.

Download: RebornAgain (Free)

Cercube Max

Cercube Max is a YouTube Vanced alternative for iOS. This tweaked app includes the following tweaks.

  • iSponsorBlock: Block/skip sponsor ads
  • Alderis Color Picker
  • YTABGoodies: includes YouAreThere, YouRememberCaption, YTNoCheckLocalNetwork, and YTSystemAppearance.
  • YTUHD: Unlocks 1440p and 2160p resolutions in the iOS YouTube app.
  • YouPiP: Enable PiP
  • YTClassicVideoQuality: Original video quality selector.
  • YTnoshorts: Remove shorts from the main YouTube interface
  • NoYTPremium: Remove YouTube Premium upsell alerts.
  • BigYTMiniPlayer: Make the mini player in the YouTube app look like it does on an iPad.
  • YouTube Dislikes Return: Bring back dislikes on YouTube.

Download: Cercube Max (Free)


YouTubed is an all-in-one tweaked app and alternative for YouTube Vanced on iOS. This tweaked app includes the following tweaks.

  • Cercube Pro
  • uYou
  • iSponsorblock
  • NoYTPremium
  • YouPiP
  • YTClassicVideoQuality
  • YTYTABGoodies (YouAreThere, YouRememberCaption, YTNoCheckLocalNetwork and YTSystemAppearance)
  • YTNoShorts
  • YTDisableUglySuggestions
  • YouTubeDislikesReturn

Download: YouTubed (Free)

So, here are some of the best YouTube Vanced alternative iOS.

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