As iPhone users, we love customizing our iPhones to reflect our personalities. But Apple has not provided any tangible customization options to users. Nevertheless, with the release of the latest customization options for the lock screen through the iOS 16 public beta, it seems that Apple has moved to remove the restrictions maintained so far. It is further confirmed that with the latest iOS 16 beta version, users can show or hide the battery percentage on the battery icon of the status bar. But it doesn’t let you change the battery color on iPhone. However, this article will reveal some of the best Battery Color Tweaks iOS 14, which allow you to change the battery indicator icon color of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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Further, this article will solve all the quarries seen on social media, such as how to color my battery and how to color my battery on iPhone. 

By default, iOS Operating System supports a few colored battery indicators. But you cannot customize it. It indicates green up until around 20%, and yellow indicates battery level is automatically entered to Low Power Mode. It becomes red color as the battery level closer to a critical state.

How to color my battery on iPhone

To color the battery on iPhone, you must jailbreak your iPhone. If you are jailbroken, you can change and set different colors for different battery percentages of your device, among other things.

Jailbreak Tweaks to change Battery Color iOS 14

There are many jailbreak tweaks to change the Battery Indicator Color in the jailbreak community. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s jump into it.

ColorMyBattery Tweak

ColorMyBattery iOS 14

Do you want to change the color of your Status Bar’s battery indicator? So, the ColorMyBattery tweak will change the color of the battery based on your preferences for the desired battery percentage levels. Once installed, users can configure and customize options from the Settings app.

The tweak is also compatible with iOS 14.

If you want to know more about the ColorMyBattery tweak, you can check the full review about the tweak.


Batterain Tweak iOS 14

Batterain is a battery color tweak developed using the Swift programing language and Orion tool. It gives jailbreakers a different battery colorization experience. It simply changes the colors of the battery indicator based on how much battery you have left.

After installation, with the fluctuating battery level of your iPhone, the battery indicator continues to change colors according to a slow-shifting color gradient.

If you want to know more about the Batterain tweak, you can check the full review about the tweak.


Axe Tweak iOS 14

Axe is also a similar battery color jailbreak tweak to ColorMyBattery and Batterian, changing the battery indicator color based on the percentage. It also uses the slow-shifting color gradient to colorize your jailbroken iPhone’s battery indicator.

You can learn more about the Axe tweak from our full review of the tweak.


smoothbattery tweak

SmoothBattery is one of the best battery color tweaks iOS 14, which allows choosing smooth color options for your Battery and behavior for your jailbroken iPhone. It not only changes the color of your battery icon but also offers many choices such as hiding the yellow battery, battery edges, battery icon from the status bar, disabling low power alert, sound, and vibration.

Download: SmoothBattery (Free) | Repo: BigBoss



DigitalBattery13 is a battery tweak that lets you change the color for Low Power Mode (LPM), low battery, charging, and showing a digital percentage in the Status Bar for all notched devices and on older devices. Moreover, it provides valuable customizations like adjusting alignment, font size, bold text, disabling charging animation, charge sound, and low power alert.

Download: DigitalBattery13 | Repo: BigBoss


BattiBar Jailbreak Tweak

BattiBar is a tweak to colorize your status bar based on your current percentage with a beautiful gradient.

The BattiBar uses the newest concept and changes the color of the status bar items in proportion to your device’s battery percentage. It varies depending on the color you select and offers options to change the color of the status bar in both dark mode and light mode. Once installed, you can see that the color changes from the charged color to the dead color as the battery percentage of the iPhone or iPad gradually decreases.

You can learn more about the BattiBar tweak from our full review of the tweak.

These tweaks are some of the best Battery Color Tweaks iOS 14. So, do you intend to apply colors to your Status Bar’s battery indicator with these tweaks? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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