A few months ago, you may remember that I posted an article titled the best Media Player Tweaks for iOS 14. Those tweaks are some of the best Media Player jailbreak tweaks that can be used for iOS 14 and work well with iOS 14. It’s worth watching if you are interested in giving your stock Now Playing Interface a new look on iOS 14. It included free and paid jailbreak tweaks. However, jailbreak tweaks developers worldwide are developing new tweaks, and the latest tweak to do so is Acies. iOS developer Ginsu released Acies tweak, an excellent replacement for the iOS stock media player.

As you already know, Acies is a replacement for the Lock Screen’s media player, and it completely replaces the Lock Screen’s media player with a better one.

You can see the screenshots above before you buy this tweak. It’s great.

Acies Tweak Settings

Once installed, it provides a dedicated preferences pane to do some vital configuration in the settings app.

Acies Tweak Settings
Acies Tweak iOS 14 Settings
  • Toggle the Acies on or off on demand
  • Enable the background color adjusting option
  • Enable or disable the top bar (Now-playing app info, Volume, and Routing Controls)

Then, you can save the settings you have done by tapping the Apply button at the top right corner.

Acies Tweak Features

  • Color changing background (matches with album artwork)
  • Double-tap to skip/go back 10 seconds
  • Cool volume control
  • A more detailed routing button
  • Transparency mode

Those interested in trying Acies tweak can buy for $1.50 from the packix repository via your favorite package manager app. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Do you intend to buy this tweak to change the look of your iOS stock media player? Be sure to let’s know why and why not in the comments section below.

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