As we follow up over the past few months, a trend towards new split color wallpapers is forming among iPhone users. These duo or split colors wallpapers are popping up around the designer community as a way to spread out on your home screen and lock screen in a variety of colors. Incredibly, this Split iPhone wallpaper pack helps separate your icons’ layout and on-screen widgets on iOS 14. Furthermore, this complete collection of wallpapers also includes three iPhone 13 Pro Max-inspired colors wallpapers. You can download Split Colors iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallpapers.

Split Colors iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallpapers

These Split wallpapers make another way to segment your iPhone’s Home Screen. So, users can easily use one side of the screen to display some 2×2 widgets and the right side with your icons of their liking.

The wallpaper pack includes eight Duo Gradient Colors iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallpapers with 1284×2778 pixels resolution.

Note: These are the preview of the wallpapers and low quality. If you need to download these wallpapers in full resolution, download them in the Google Drive link below.

Split Gradient iPhone Wallpapers Pack

Additionally, the following three duo iPhone wallpapers have been inspired by the new colors of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max. One side of the wallpapers is painted in iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max colors, and the other side is painted in iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max colors such as Graphite and Black, iPhone 12 Purple and iPhone 13 Pink, and Sierra Blue and Pacific Blue.

These wallpapers are also available in 1284×2778 pixels resolution.

Split iPhone Wallpapers Pack

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Gradient Wallpapers

Additionally, you can also download more wallpapers in our Stock Wallpapers section. If you have any queries, share them in the comments box and share this article with your friends.

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