iOS shows the relevant app icon inside the banner when you receive alerts from your iPhone apps. It’s an excellent method to see where all of the notifications originated from at a glance, but it doesn’t provide the whole tale.  Apple could have done better, so iOS developer Lavie Gariv released SeeYa Pro. This jailbreak tweak replaces the above app icon in notification banners with an appropriate profile picture that matches the notification’s source. In other ways, it changes your notification’s icon to the profile picture of the author of the notification.

Fully collapsed notification stacks containing more than one missed notification continue to display the relevant app icon for identifying, as you can see in the screenshot examples above. But, when you expand those notification stacks, profile images appear instead.

The device was set up to send notifications when particular individuals shared Tweets. Therefore the Twitter app sent notifications in this circumstance. Instead of the Twitter app icon, SeeYa Pro displays a picture of those people’s Twitter accounts.

Users may turn the tweak on or off after installing it using a dedicated option pane in the Settings app.

SeeYa Pro is compatible with many applications that support profile pictures, including but not restricted to Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and a few more, according to the developer. 

A tweak like SeeYa Pro is best for notifications from applications that use profile images, so you won’t get this effect if the notice is from a non-communication app.

SeeYa Pro Repo

Those interested in giving SeeYa Pro a try can get it from the Packix repository using their preferred package manager. It’s only $1.29. The tweak is compatible with iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices that have been jailbroken.

Especially, the tweak cares about your privacy, and the tweak hide the profile image when your smartphone is locked. With this tweak, you may hide specific profile images based on the notification settings you’ve selected.

Do you expect SeeYa Pro will enhance your notification experience? Please be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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