Now, the jailbreak community has a variety of jailbreak tools to choose from. But there are also unique package managers available that users can choose for their jailbreaks. You already know that Cydia, Installer, Sileo, and Zebra are among the most popular package managers today. However, competition among package manager app developer teams is booming, so it should be no surprise that a new package manager is entering the Jailbreak community.The new package manager mentioned above is Saily and seems to have been developing as an open-source project for the past two years. Now, Saily package manager v2.0 alpha is available for jailbrekers to try.

Saily is modern and offers many aesthetically pleasing features to jailbreakers, so we think it’s worth paying a little attention to.

In particular, jailbreakers use package managers to browse and manage repositories that acquire jailbreak tweaks, add-ons, etc. However, Saily is no different and aesthetically different from most other package managers. In particular, you can see it in the screenshot below.

Saily Package Manager v2 Alpha

As you already know, Saily is a project that has been under development for about two years. But the developers of the project have officially released version 2.0 alpha for public testing. This is the latest pre-beta release of the project specifically intended for community testing and user feedback.

Saily’s official GitHub page noted that Saily is an APT package manager for jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 13 & 14 devices. Although all the features of Saili’s user interface are not yet completed, all the basic functionalities are said to be working by now.

Saily package manager v2.0 alpha features:

  • A unique user interface for iPhone and iPad
  • Import all your repos from Cydia, Installer, Sileo, and Zebra
  • Add and manage repositories without limitation
  • Built to work alongside all your other package managers
  • Support for native depictions with Dark Mode
  • Support for all jailbreaks (excluding rootlessJB)
  • Clean and stable packaging using CI Machine
  • Random device info for free packages
  • Fully open-sourced under the MIT license
  • Quick actions via Settings
  • Support for paid packages

As mentioned above, Saily works with all jailbreaks and works alongside your existing package manager apps. However, @Lakr233 leads the Saily project development team.

To learn more about Saily, visit the project’s official GitHub page and follow the official @TrySaily Twitter page for regular updates.

You can download Saily from the official GitHub page. There is presently no repository to add it to your existing package manager to install Saily.

Do you have an intention to give Saily a try? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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