PerfectCalc shows you the math entered before receiving output


iPhone’s stock Calculator app supports most basic mathematical functions. However, one of the application’s shortcomings compared to handheld calculators is that the iPhone’s stock calculator doesn’t display a running history of your math anywhere in the app. That is, not showing how the output was calculated. IOS developer MiRO92 has released a free jailbreak tweak called PerfectCalc, which integrates with the native calculator app for iOS. So, it’s a valuable feature to ensure that the calculator user enters the arithmetic entry accurately before receiving an answer.

See the before and after screenshot examples below. Then, you can see how the developer has improved the calculator to ensure that the user entered their math correctly.

PerfectCalc Tweak iOS 14

The unique feature here is that it allows the user to double-check the math included in the calculator app and increasing user confidence in the answer output. Furthermore, all the errors done by the user by tapping the wrong keys can be easily identified while performing the mathematical functions in the app.

PerfectCalc repo

Mainly, PerfectCalc tweak offers a single purpose and does it very well. However, the tweak doesn’t come with any options to configure. So, those who would like to try the PerfectCalc tweak out can download it for free from MiRO92’s repository via their favorite package manager app. Significantly, the tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 devices.

If you haven’t already used MiRO92’s repository, you can add it to your package manager via the following URL.

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So, do you like to improve the user confidence of the answer of your stock Calculator app? Be sure to let us know your idea in the comments section below.

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