At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the latest desktop features of macOS Ventura in a recorded media presentation. The Mac experience is becoming better and better with the addition of sophisticated productivity tools and cross-platform functionality. The new macOS Ventura wallpaper is, of course, included. Significantly, the wallpaper has been bundled with macOS Ventura, but if you cannot wait to download the macOS 13 update, you can download the new wallpaper below. Here, you have the Official macOS Ventura wallpaper 4K.

Official macOS Ventura wallpaper 4K

Many new features have been added to the latest macOS Ventura operating system. Official Apple press release: “Stage Manager intelligently organizes open apps and windows so users can focus on their work and view everything at a glance.

macOS Ventura default wallpaper is also one of the things everyone expects. It features an abstract body in orange tones against a blue background. Below, we have presented the Light Mode and Dark Mode official wallpapers to download. These 6K square variants will also work on an iPad screen, given the canvas size and orientation. As previously said, it has a 6K resolution, so it retains its sharpness on Apple’s flagship displays. As the wallpaper’s file size is on the large side, it should work perfectly on all your Macs. These macOS Ventura wallpapers are available in 6016×6016 pixels resolution.

Download the Official macOS Ventura Wallpaper 4K Here

Here, you can download macOS Ventura 13 wallpapers for your Mac, PC, or Smartphone. The wallpaper is in JPG format, including light and dark versions. We have also bundled HEIF versions of the wallpaper for your convenience.

Note: These are the preview of the wallpapers and are low quality. So, if you need to download these wallpapers in full resolution, use the link below the wallpaper.

Download Light Version | Download Dark Version

Download macOS Ventura Wallpapers in Full Resolution

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Remember that macOS Ventura is only accessible for developers via the Apple Developer website as beta software. Next month, a public beta build will be launched, and a stable version should arrive on your Mac this fall.

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