NappyTime14, Countdowns for your alarms

Most iPhone users use their iPhones to wake up every morning by using its built-in alarm. Apple has used several different methods to create better versions of the iPhone’s native Clock app. So you already know how easy it is to set up alarms in the Clock app. But if some essential features are not included in it yet. So, how about adding a countdown timer to the native alarm interface.

Apple does not seem to have any plans to implement such a feature. Fortunately for jailbreakers, iOS developer arya06 has responded by releasing a new NappyTime14 tweak.

NappyTime14 adds countdown timers to your iPhone’s alarm

As shown in the screenshot above, this NappyTime14 jailbreak tweak shows how long it takes before the alarm starts shooting. The native clock app includes NapTime14 for every alert you configure to give users a better idea of the alarm.

NappyTime14 tweak has no option to configure, so you will eventually get what you see. Some developers have created other tweaks like NappyTime14 and show a counting timer similar to the alarm.

Those who want to try NappyTime14 can download a free tweak from their favorite package manager from arya06’s repository. It supports Jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices.

If you do not already use the arya06’s repository, you can add it to your package manager with the following URL:

Are you going to add a countdown timer to your iPhone’s alarm interface? Let us know your ideas, and share them with others interested in NappyTime14. For that, you can use the comments section below.

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