You can do many more things with a jailbroken iPhone than you can with a non-JailBroken iPhone. One of such things is spoofing your devices’ location. You can hide your actual location and, it can be made to look like you are somewhere else. It’s not challenging to find indeed lots of jailbreak tweaks that can already spoof your location. For your convenience Previously, I have published a post called Some of the best location tweaks for iOS 14, and you can also check it. However, iOS developer udevs has developed a tool that worked without runtime injection dubbed Locsim tweak.

Locsim tweak allows iPhone users to spoof the location of their device and simulate a different GPS location system-wide. It differs from other location spoofing tweaks in that it simulates GPS location natively without any runtime injection.

Fortunately, as this tweak changes GPS location without runtime injection, users can easily use it without getting banned from apps that do not allow tweak injection. Since locsim tweak does it natively without runtime injection could make it more useful for many users.

How to spoof location with the terminal app?

Especially, locsim is a handy and a little complicated tweak that works with Terminal. So, users have to install the Terminal app on their jailbroken device from any package manager app.

With locsim, users can use a Mobile Terminal client like NewTerm 2 to simulate a spoof location on your device. According to the developer, the coordinates you enter should be identified by any app on your jailbroken device even if you have disabled tweak injection by using add-ons like Choicy.

As you know, locsim is a Terminal add-on. However, to work with its users need to interface with Terminal commands. So, users can know the basics by entering ‘locsim –help‘ in the Terminal client to know about the command syntaxes.

locsim tweak start command

You should begin any command with ‘locsim‘. To spoof location, enter command ‘locsim start‘ and keep space (_). Then, enter the X and Y coordinates of the location you wish to spoof, separated by space.

For example, if you need to spoof your location to Tokyo, Japan, you can simply enter the command below in your Mobile Terminal client.

locsim start 35.682839 139.759455
locsim tweak spoof latitude and longitude command

Furthermore, you can designate a specific radius of accuracy and use the -h tag in your command syntax. If you want to set a radius accuracy of 100 meters, you can simply enter the command syntax below.

locsim start 35.682839 139.759455 -h 100

Locsim Tweak Repo

Those who want to spoof their jailbroken iPhone’s location with locsim tweak can download it for free from udevs’ repository via your favorite package manager app.

Note: the locsim tweak requires a Mobile Terminal client app like NewTerm 2 to work. Locsim is also open-sourced on GitHub.

Users who haven’t already taken advantage of udevs’ repository can add it to their favorite package manager app via the URL below.

Do you have an intention to spoof your location with the new locsim tweak? Be sure to mention why or why not in the comments section below.

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