It might be challenging to keep track of all of the features in iMessage. Many people are unaware of the fantastic iMessage tricks available on iOS 15. One such trick is the ability to send Emoji Bombs to your iMessage friends. You may already know the iMessage effects feature, which allows users to send messages with full-screen effects. Therefore, do you want to impress your best friend or family member by sending an emoji avalanche, explosion, echo, or whatever you want on iPhone running iOS 15? This step-by-step guide shows you how to send emoji bomb iMessage iOS 15.

Many users are unaware that they can also use iMessage’s full-screen effects, precisely the Echo effect, to create and send emoji bombs.

When you send an Emoji bomb to a friend, the emoji you sent is shown on their screen. The best part about the Emoji bomb iPhone trick is that it is not restricted to a single emoji; instead, you can create emoji bombs using multiple emojis.

How to send emoji bomb iMessage iOS 15

Here is how you can send iMessage Emoji Explosions on iOS 15.

Sending Single Emoji Bomb iMessage iOS 15
  1. Open the Messages app, then open the iMessage chat you want to send an emoji bomb.
  2. Type an emoji or up to three emoji in the text field and tap and hold on to the send button until the hidden effects menu appears.
  3. Next, tap on the Screen tab on the top and make sure Send with Echo screen effect is selected. That’s the one you want.
  4. Finally, hit the Send button if you’re happy with the full-screen emoji effect.

Your emoji will randomly multiple the character or set of characters across the whole background for around three seconds, filling up the entire screen. If the recipient’s sound is audible, they’ll hear the standard send tone with a reverberative echo that fades when the effect is completed.

Sending Multiple Emoji Bomb iMessage iOS 15

The effect is impressive with one, two, or three emojis, but with four or more, you’ll just see the usual blue comment bubble repeat on the screen. Send more than four emojis if you want the blue bubble echo to be more impressive.

Put some space between your emojis by placing line breaks for an even more fabulous presentation. You may even indent one or two characters on the screen to make it look more random.

How to fix not animating the iMessage emoji bomb?

If the echo doesn’t animate for you, your screen effects may be turned off. Ensure Auto-Play Message Effects is toggled on in Settings > Accessibility > Motion. You may also have Reduce Motion-activated in the same menu if that is already enabled. Both can stop the animation from playing automatically, but you can also manually start it in Messages using the replay button.

That’s how you can make using iMessage more entertaining by sending Emoji Explosions on your friend’s iPhone screen on iOS 15.

NOTE: It is worth noting that these effects only work in iMessages.

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