The fastest and arguably easiest way to lock your iPhone is to try the Fast-LS14 tweak for jailbroken devices.

What is Fast-LS14?

Fast-LS14 is a simple jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Plat-Ykor that can be used for locking your iPhone quickly with Lock Screen animations and Sounds in iOS 14. According to the developer, Fast-LS14 also saves battery on your jailbroken device.

With the help of the Fast-LS14 tweak, just give a simple tap on the Springboard area, and it instantly locks your iPhone. The tweak acts as an alternative to the side/lock buttons on your device. So, you no longer need to use those buttons physically to lock your iPhone.

How to lock your iPhone with Fast-LS14?

Fast-LS14 allows you to lock the iPhone with a single or double tap on the Springboard with 1 or 2 fingers. This tweak provides some settings in the Tweak’s Preferences, and you can select which option you want to activate.

Fast-LS14 Settings

Another useful feature that Fast-LS14 offers are that you can enable Auto Low Power Mode from its settings. It activates the iPhone’s Low Power Mode as soon as you lock your device. It helps to increase the battery life of the iPhone. Also, as soon as you unlock the iPhone, the Low Power Mode automatically shuts off.

With LPM configuration, you can save battery by automatically disabling Bluetooth and GPS after locking the device.

The Fast-LS14 tweak also provides customizable lock sounds in the Tweak’s Preferences. So, you can choose any lock sound you like. Once selected, it plays the sound when you tap on the Springboard to lock the device.

Not only that, but this tweak also allows you to add animation to the lock screen along with the sound. You can experience this tweak by switching between 7 animations. It also has small vibration feedback for the lock to enable or disable at your discretion.

As a summary of its features:

  1. One/Two tap option to lock with one/two fingers
  2. Choosing Low Power Mode automatically (AutoLPM)
  3. Customizable Lock-Sounds
  4. Enable or disable small vibration feedback
  5. Customizable Lock-Screen animations
  6. Turning off BlueTooth and GPS antennas when you lock the screen

You can download the Fast-LS14 tweak for free from the BigBoss repository. This tweak is compatible with iOS 14 and iOS 13. But, if you are an iOS 11 and iOS 12 user, you can download Fast-LS. 

You can add BigBoss repository to your Cydia sources with this URL:

Do you have any idea to download Fast-LS14 on your iPhone? or have you already download it? Please, let us know your ideas in the comments section down below.

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