Eraser Tweak iOS 14 Clean Up App Switcher by One Step

We all expect a feature that can close all apps at once to keep the iPhone app switcher clean, just like the running Android phones. But it is not yet available for iPhone or iPad. Although Apple has released various iOS updates, it does not appear that the feature will be added to iOS. This feature already exists to remove apps on all Android phones at once like Pixel, OnePlus, Galaxy. Apple is leaving out the option on iOS that apps are optimized to stay there and must be forcibly closed when activated. However, Apple has natively allowed remove opened apps one by one by swiping up cards.

Fortunately, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, closing apps at once is not a problem anymore. iOS developer 0ldGold has released a jailbreak tweak called Eraser, which helps you to clean up your app/grid switcher just by one step. Significantly, the eraser tweak provides two ways to clear the app switcher by swiping down app cards and tapping the erase button at the top of the screen.

You can also prevent removing apps from the app switcher, such as media and navigation apps. Furthermore, it allows you to exclude some apps erasing if you want from the tweak settings.

Once installed, it adds a dedicated preferences pane to the Settings app to configure the tweak users liking.

Eraser Tweak iOS 14 Options

Eraser tweak settings
  • Turn on/off the Eraser tweak on demand
  • Setting up the Appearance settings
    • Choose the button style between None, Text, Symbol, and Custom
    • Text field to enter custom text
    • Select button appearance between Automatic, Light, Extra Light, and Dark
    • Enable or disable Confirmation button
    • Input a custom text for the confirmation message
    • Choose the confirm button colour
  • Setting up the Prevent List settings
    • None
    • Media Applications
    • Navigation Applications
    • Both Applications
  • Setting up Other Features
    • Enable or Disable Haptic Feedback
    • Enable or disable swiping down to erase
    • Show/Hide Confirm Alert
    • Select swipe type between Slow Swipe, Medium Swipe, and Fast Swipe
  • Setting up the Animation settings between None, Light, Dark, and Automatic
  • Adjust the blur amount via a slider (Animation will appear after erasing apps and only works with the Erase button)
  • Setting up Positioning settings
    • Adjust the X position at the top of the screen via a slider
    • Enable or disable Erase button at the bottom of the screen
    • Adjust the Y position at the bottom of the screen via a slider
  • Choosing the Excluded Applications and prevent the erasing apps from the App Switcher
  • Respring button to apply changes you made at the top right corner

Those interesting try it out can download for free from the BigBoss repository. It also supports jailbroken iOS 13 to iOS 14.5 devices.

Do you have the intention to clear your app switcher using the Eraser tweak? And, do you know any alternatives to Eraser tweak for iOS 14 to remove app switcher apps at once? So, be sure to comment in the comments section below.

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