Recently, A few premium and impressive flowers and plants wallpapers have been released for Google’s next-generation Pixel smartphone – Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. So, the Plant-based theme wallpapers from Pixel 6 Pro are now available to download in their full resolution. In this article, you can download Pixel 6 Pro Plant wallpapers for your smartphone or iPhone.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Wallpapers [Plant-based Theme]

Google constantly releases a set of aesthetic wallpapers for its new Pixel and the upcoming Pixel 6 Pro. According to the teasers, the Pixel 6 lineup comes with a wide range of gorgeous-looking built-in wallpapers. However, Google has used plants and flowers as the theme to represent its new Pixel smartphones.

This nature-oriented wallpaper collection on the upcoming Pixel 6 includes fifteen stock wallpapers, with various colors such as red, green, purple, yellow, and off-white. These wallpapers are available in 2880×3120, 1440×3120, and 2160×2400 pixels resolution.

Andrew Zuckerman, a photographer, takes the above images, and light and dark wallpapers are available.

If you want to download these wallpapers on your smartphone or iPhone, you can use the Google Drive link to get these wallpapers in their full resolution.

Note: Below images are the only preview of the actual wallpaper. So, click on the button below to download a higher resolution of wallpapers.

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