With the release of the new, modern iPhone and the update of Apple’s iOS operating system, we know that the original wallpapers released with the early devices have been removed from the new devices. It’s clear how much the wallpapers have captivated users, and even today, iPhone users are looking for those old iPhone wallpapers to make the screen of their modern iPhones impressive. We hope to present some of the most popular wallpapers to our readers, namely old iPhone Clown Fish Wallpaper, Original iPhone 6S Beach wallpaper, and iOS 4 water bubble wallpaper (Drops on Glass). So, here you can download old iPhone Wallpapers for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Download old iPhone wallpapers

Based on the concept of old is gold, I hope to present these wallpapers to users who own an iPhone 13 Pro Max and pre-release devices such as iPhone 12, iPhone 11 series. These fantastic old iPhone wallpapers are available in 1284×2778 pixels resolution.

Download iPhone Clown Fish Wallpaper

This image of a clownfish swimming through a sea anemone, prominently shown on the demo device Steve Jobs used when he unveiled the original iPhone, is nothing short of symbolic and is possibly the amazing and most memorable iPhone wallpaper ever.

iPhone Clown Fish Wallpaper

The old Apple iPhone Clown Fish Wallpaper for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Download Drops on Glass iOS 4 Wallpaper

The default wallpaper for iOS 4 was an image of water drops on frosted glass. It’s notable because it’s the first image used as a default home screen wallpaper, while earlier versions of iOS only allowed users to modify the Lock Screen image. Beyond that, the image also demonstrated the iPhone 4’s Retina capabilities at the time. And it’s one that many of us remember fondly.

The iOS 4 Water Bubble Wallpaper

The old iOS 4 Water Bubble Wallpaper for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Download original iPhone 6S Beach Wallpaper

This beach iPhone wallpaper is another old iPhone wallpaper that will attract users.

iPhone 6S Beach Wallpaper

The old Apple iPhone Beach Wallpaper for iPhone 13 Pro Max

You can also download these wallpapers from the Google Dive link provided below.

Additionally, you can also download more wallpapers in our Stock Wallpapers section. So, if you have any queries, share them in the comments box and share this article with your friends.

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