Many iPhone or iPad customization tweaks are available, and finding them is not so difficult for you. But, some tweaks allow you to customize a specific area of your device. Among them, there are also all-in-one customization tweaks that can completely customize your jailbroken device. iOS developer schneelittchen has created a tweak called Diary that allows you to turn your iOS 14’s Lock screen into a Windows 10 Lock screen for free. Significantly, the Diary tweak changes the look of your lock screen, add a moving eye and display a welcome message on your name.

Once installed, the tweak adds a dedicated preferences window to your device’s settings app, and Diary gives you a plethora of options to customize your lock screen. So, take a look at the screenshot example above. It includes the Windows 10 Lock screen features and gives you a pleasant and attractive lock screen for your iPhone.

Mainly, what impressed me was that the aye animation the top of the screen. It makes me feel like something is being tracked and brings also a freshness to your lock screen. One more thing to say, Diary displays your notifications in line with the lock screen without any conflicts.


Diary Tweak Features

As I mentioned above, many customization options are available in main six categories such as,

Diary tweak - Main Settings
  • Time and Date
  • iPhone Hello
  • Media Player
  • Background
  • Passcode
  • Miscellaneous

Let us explore in detail the options included in those key categories. Here you can,

Time and Date

Diary Tweak - Time and Date Settings
  • Enable or disable the date and time on the Lock Screen on demand
  • Change the date and time display format.
  • Turn on or off a custom date locale
  • Set up a custom date locale to relevant to you (default en_US)
  • Enable or disable the Calender events, reminders, and alarms
  • Show the Calendar, reminder, and alarm button on the Lock Screen
  • Show/hide weather 
  • Show/hide battery icon, battery percentage icon, wi-fi icon, Cellular icon
  • Enable or disable cellular type
  • Turn on/off the slide to unlock the gesture.

iPhone Hello

Diary Tweak - iPhone Hello Settings
  • Enable or disable iPhone hello
  • Show/hide greeting
  • Type a custom greeting

Media Player

Diary Tweak - Media Player Settings
  • Enable or disable Media Player
  • Hide/show Artwork translation
  • Adjust the background opacity via a slider
  • Adjust the offset via a slider 


Diary Tweak - Background Settings
  • Enable/disable Spotlight (Random Wallpapers)
  • Adjust the Gradient opacity via a slider


Diary Tweak - Miscellaneous Settings
  • Change the display font as Selawik or system 
  • Adjust the notifications offset via a slider
  • Hide/show charging view
  • Disable Today Swipe
  • Disable Camera Swipe
  • Show/hide notification header
  • Enable or disable ‘Always show notifications’
  • Hide Status bar
  • Hide Face ID Lock
  • Show/hide Time and Date
  • Hide notifications hint
  • Hide Quick Actions
  • Show/hide unlock text.
  • Hide Home Bar
  • Hide Page Dots

Then, you can press the Respring button to save the changes you made. If you want, the Reset Preferences button is also available to reset the settings.

However, those engaging in trying the Diary Tweak can download it for free from the litten’s repository. It is also Open-source in the developer’s Github Page and supports jailbroken iOS 14 and iPadOS devices.

Do you also intend to install the Diary Lock Screen Customization tweak for your iPhone or iPad to make your Lock Screen look like Windows 10? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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