The iPhone’s Home screen is simple to navigate among apps on iOS, but if you have many apps installed, it can be challenging to locate a specific app you want every time quickly. However, the App Library is handy in such cases, and users may not like it as it is a bit difficult to access quickly and may be tempted to disable the App Library on iOS 14. Therefore, those are the reasons that force you to use the plethora of third-party app launcher jailbreak tweaks.  Significantly, one of the best tweaks with more options is InstaLauncher 2 iOS 14 by iOS developer jontelang that allows you to swipe from the device edges to show an app launcher of your choice. Also, it is a system-wide application launcher.

InstaLauncher 2 makes accessing any app at once from anywhere on iOS. The tweak provides an indicator that can be configured. By swiping on the screen, jailbreakers can quickly sort through their entire app library alphabetically or open their favorite apps in a second.

The screenshot examples above show how it appears on the screen.

You’ll be happy to know that InstaLauncher 2 tweak is also fully customizable. It adds a new preference pane to the Settings app after installation.

InstaLauncher 2 iOS 14 Features

  • Open apps in milliseconds
  • Choose between 3 different launcher styles as Classic, Dock, Drawer
  • Add favorite apps for even faster app launching
  • Smooth gestures to activate launchers
  • Customize the Themes. All aspects of launchers can be adjusted to fit your theme setup
  • Dark mode settings
  • Right/Left-handed mode
  • Use app launchers in Fullscreen mode/small
  • Show up to 5 recently launched applications
  • Haptic touch – newer iPhones only

If you want to access an app, all you have to do is swipe from the indicator on the side of your iPhone’s screen to open the launcher, then continue to swipe to the app you want to release.

Those interested in trying the InstaLauncher 2 out can purchase it from the Packix repository for $3.00 via their preferred package manager. But, if you previously have bought InstaLauncher 1, you will get a 25% discount. InstaLauncher 2 tweak is compatible with iOS 12 to iOS 14 devices.

Do you intend to download InstaLauncher 2 on your jailbroken device? Be sure to share why or why not in the comment section below.

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