YTReExplore removes the Shorts tab and replaces it with Explore tab in the YouTube app.

YouTube Shots is a way for anyone to connect with a new audience using their smartphone and the camera in the YouTube Shots app. Furthermore, we can consider that Shorts is an alternatives and Google’s response to Tok-Tok and Instagram Reels. However, YouTube Shorts are rapidly gaining popularity among new audiences. So, with YouTube’s app update, Google has replaced the Shorts tab instead of the Explore tab of the YouTube app and moved to Explore tab as a button at the top of the YouTube app.

But for users who have been accustomed to the explore tab for a long time, can be a bit unfamiliar. As a solution, iOS developer poomsmart has identified released a jailbreak tweak called YTReExplore, which removes the new Shorts tab and replaces the YouTube app’s Explore tab.

However, as I think Google has not entirely removed the Explore tab, and I doubt the YTReExplore tweak will last because the Explore tab has been placed at the top of the app. Installing the YTReExplore tweak does not remove the top Explore button, and browsing can be done from both places.

Once installed, it does not provide options to configure through the Settings app or the YouTube app. Immediately after installing the tweak, you can see what you expect. The tweak also supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Download YTReExplore Tweak

Those interested in trying the YTReExplore tweak can download it for free from the poomsmart’s repository via your package manager. If you have not installed poomsmart’s repository to your package manager, add it using the following URL.

Do you expect to remove the Shorts tab and replace Explore tab with this tweak? So, be sure to mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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