Jailbreakers interested in improving the iOS Settings app of their iPhone or iPad should pay attention to the newly released free jailbreak tweak called SettingsButtons by Ethan Whited, an iOS developer.

Settings App is the most used application for iOS users. Sometimes they have to spend more time to find some settings which often use. If you have jailbroken, SettingsButtons provides fast and easy access to commonly used toggles from the top right corner of the settings app. Mainly, there are three buttons, including Dark Mode Toggle, SafeMode Toggle, and Respring button toggle. You can get an idea from the screenshot which is below. 

SettingsButtons Tweak in the Settings App

The developer has added the Dark Mode button is very similar to the Control Center icon on the left, and at the beginning of the navigation bar. The safe Mode button appears next to the Dark Mode button, and it looks like a shield. When tapping it once, it prompts asking whether the user wants to enter the Safe Mode or not? The decision is in the User’s hands. The Respring button appears next to the Safe Mode button, and it looks like an asterisk. When tapping the button, It resprings at once with not any alert. With these additional buttons, the settings app of your iPhone or iPad gets more informative.

SettingsButtons icons work as native icons in the Settings app, and there is no difference. It does not come with any options to configure.

How to Download SettingsButtons Tweak?

SettingsButtons Tweak

Those who are interesting in this jailbreak tweak can be downloaded SettingsButtons free from the Twickd repository. The tweak supports the jailbroken devices installed on iOS 13 and 14.

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