You already know that the iPhone’s Reachability option makes it easier to handle a large-screen iPhone. But the blank space at the top of the screen after activation is not wasted, as the jailbreak community knows all about this potential, and various jailbreak tweaks have been developed to take advantage of this. The latest of such releases is a new jailbreak tweak named PowerReach by iOS developer Smokin1337, which fills the blank space with useful power-down options and device information.

Significantly, you may remember a jailbreak tweak called ReachOptions that supports iOS 14 in an article in early August. So, it also allows you to activate some of the power options in the PowerReach tweak with the Reachability gesture.

The tweak also shows the percentage of your battery level and the current date and time, as shown in the screenshots below. Also, the tweak is handy as it no longer offers the numerical battery percentage in the status bar on the modern iPhones.

However, the PowerReach also provides configurable shortcuts for SBReload, Safe Mode, Userspace Reboot, UICache, Shut Down, and Reboot. Incredibly, these power options are essential for various troubleshooting.

PowerReach Options

Once installed, the PowerReach tweak adds a dedicated preference window to the Settings app where users can configure the tweak.

  • Pressing both volumes up and down buttons together to activate Reachability
  • Shaking the device to activate Reachability
  • Disabling the timer
  • Enabling and disabling the background-color
  • Setting up the menu background-color
  • Turning on and adjusting the background blur intensity
  • Choosing a background blur style between,
    • Ultra-thin
    • Thin
    • Normal
    • Thick
    • Chrome
  • Enabling or disabling the glow effect
  • Setting up the glow effect
  • Selecting a glow color
  • Adjusting the glow opacity, and the glow radius via a slider
  • Enabling and configuring the border via a slider
  • Selecting the border-color
  • Enabling and setting up a custom backlight color
  • Adjusting the backlight opacity, and the backlight radius via a slider
  • Enable or disable individual PowerReach items and colorize them to your liking,
    • Date/Time
    • Battery Info
    • Respring button
    • Safe Mode button
    • UICache button
    • Userspace reboot button
    • LDRestart button
    • Shut Down button
    • Reboot button

The uniqueness of the tweak is that you can choose what shortcuts appear in the interface and then pick how they look like. It means that your interface can be as beautiful as it is functional, depending on how you configure it.

So, those interested in trying PowerReach can purchase the tweak for $1.29 from the Packix repository via the favorite package manager. The tweak also supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.

Do you have an intention to perform some power options from the reachability interface with PowerReach tweak? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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