If you are concerned about your privacy, you must use a security method to protect your privacy with a Passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. But having to enter the Passcode frequently to unlock the iPhone can be annoying. So, if you are an iPhone user, you may always think of unlocking the iPhone without entering a passcode. Well, Jailbreak users want to get a feature that they do not need to access your Passcode. Unfortunately, Apple and Jailbreak developers have not come up with a solution. However, iOS developer Giorgio Iavicoli has introduced a Passcode bypass tweak called PassBy. Primarily, the PassBy tweak allows users to unlock their device without entering a Passcode in many ways. So in this guide, I will share the features of the PassBy tweak for iOS 14.

PassBy is simply a tweak that gives you many Passcode customization options. In other words, it is a free bypass modification that allows you to unlock the device without entering the Passcode. PassBy gives users a variety of options that will enable them to unlock the device without a passcode. In particular, you can give your device to others without giving them your Passcode, and they will not even know your password.

After activation, the lock screen does not require a password to unlock, and users can specify a time or other conditions. Once the specified condition is met, the Lock Screen has reinforced the Passcode as the screen turns off next. However, the PassBy tweak supports iOS 9 to iOS 14 devices. It also open-sources in the developer’s Github page.

PassBy tweak for iOS 14 specifications

Mainly, PassBy provides four Passcode bypass options.

You can,

  1. Use an Activator action to bypass the Passcode
  2. Bypass the Passcode when you are connected to specific Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices
  3. Configure within a certain time from the last lock
  4. Skip it while using headphones

Apart from that, if you want to remove the Lock Screen automatically, you can do so only when there is no notification or media control. Moreover,

  • Turn on or off the PassBy tweak on demand.
  • It can unlock the device with a different magic passcode that can auto-unlock the feature temporarily.
  • Compose magic passcode with,
    • Time: minutes and hours
    • Date: day and month
    • Battery: remaining and used
    • Custom digits
  • Create a two-digit timeout to lock the device again automatically

PassBy tweak extra options

  • See the last time the device was unlocked
  • Disable auto-unlock, magic Passcode, optionally Touch ID or Face ID during a specific time interval.
  • Disable the tweak when disabling Touch ID or Face ID by invoking SOS mode
  • Save the Passcode so as not to require once every respring (Passcode will always be stored encrypted for security reasons)

Those interested in experiencing the PassBy jailbreak tweak can download it for free from the BigBoss repository

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