Once you start playing media on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically shows the Now Playing Interface on the lock screen and the notifications center. It is easy to control it from anywhere on iOS or iPadOS. However, the Now Playing widget may linger longer than you’d want in some cases. Therefore, iOS developer iosrouter has released a free jailbreak tweak and Activator extension called MediaKiller to solve the above.

The way MediaKiller works is pretty simple. If you want to hide the Now Playing Interface, simply invoke the Activator action you’ve set up. Then it disappears until you quit and resume the media player. As you know, the Now Playing widget always appears above the notification banners on iOS. So, when you’re getting a sudden surge of notifications, you have to dismiss the Now Playing widget.

After installation, MediaKiller tweak doesn’t offer any direct options to configure. But it adds a new option to the Activator preference window, and you can set up the action of your liking.

For example, when you configure the Activator action by force pressing the Status bar on iPhone, the Now Playing Widget will disappear when you force touch on the Status bar.

Note: Activator tweak isn’t fully supported for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. But you can make it more stable by installing an add-on called ActivatorCrashFix14 by iOS developer MrGcGamer. Despite not being officially supported, most Activator actions work perfectly on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

MediaKiller Tweak Repo

You can download the MediaKiller add-on for free from the iosrouter’s repository using any package manager app of your choosing. If you already have not added it to your package manager app, use the URL provided below to add it. The tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.


Do you have any intentions to get experience with MediaKiller tweak? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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