Everyone loves smooth gradient wallpapers for iPhone. So, I create many simple gradient color changing images for my wallpaper collection. The simplicity and variety of colors are what makes such great iPhone wallpapers. Also, these wallpapers match perfectly with the icons on your Home Screen. The wallpapers I created today come in a macOS Big Sur color palette. The collection features bright wallpapers in pink, purple, as well as rainbow colors.

macOS gradient wallpapers

The following macOS inspired iPhone wallpapers have been created soft transitional gradient images with color dots scattered throughout the Big Sur wallpaper collection

The color transition is exceptionally smooth. I’m happy to use a few colors for some grades.

If you like this series of wallpapers, you can download them from our Weekly Gallery wallpapers. You can use these macOS gradient wallpapers on any of your iPhone screens, and all these background images are compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max. They are available in full resolution with 1284×2778 pixels.

The collection includes six macOS gradient wallpapers. I hope you enjoy our growing gradient wallpapers collection to use as a Home Screen background. 

Note: Below images are the preview of the wallpapers and just for the preview and not in the original quality, so don’t download them. Use links under the each wallpaper to download. 

macOS gradient wallpaper blue to hot pink

macOS gradient wallpaper blue to pink

macOS gradient wallpaper blue to purple

macOS gradient wallpaper purple

macOS gradient wallpaper navy blue

macOS gradient wallpaper rainbow color

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